How to detangle matted hair without cutting

My hair is straight, so I have no concept how well this method will work for those with naturally wavy, curly or oily hair. Minimizing post-shampoo detangling works extremely very well for my very long hair, so Karen has graciously asked for that I share this concept of how to detangle matted hair without cutting with all of you through the

Prior to You Shampoo

Initially, before you shampoo, center part your hair, from your forehead to the nape of your neck. Then part down the back of your head. This does not require to be accurate.

Bring the hair forward off of your shoulders and brush each area completely to ensure that there are no tangles.

In The Shower

In the shower, with your head upright, put your head directly under the nozzle (if possible!) to damp the hair nearest the scalp.

As the water begins to trickle down your hair, briefly smooth the water over each area of hair with your hands. This assists to keep the hair together and to ensure that your hair will remain as free of tangles as possible while wet.

When your hair is completely damp, apply hair shampoo just on the hair nearest the scalp. It assists to tip your head a little to the side you’re shampooing. Gently work the hair into a lather around your scalp. I then utilize a much smaller sized quantity of shampoo near the ends.


As you rinse, keep your head upright, and use your hands to smooth the beyond your hair. I likewise use my fingers to do some mild pre-detangling– nothing too vigorous, though.

Apply and then wash your conditioner keeping your head upright. I continue to do some mild pre-detangling while rinsing.

After the shower, utilize your fist to squeeze the water from each area of your hair, starting from the ears and working your method to the ends. I duplicate this procedure several times before and after the comb-out.

The majority of the few tangles that exist are near the ends, which are the easiest ones to work through.

Cleaning Upside Down

Before I ever tried utilizing this technique, I utilized to wash my hair “upside down,” that made the shampooing procedure simple, but made detangling a genuine effort.

Using the method explained above lead to practically no tangles, and significantly reduces the quantity of time and effort invested detangling.

I was at first amazed at how easy it ended up being to detangle my hair. Whenever I clean my hair now, I smile, due to the fact that I know the detangling will be done really rapidly.

Happy shampooing!

Special Note is delighted to present our very first hair tips article by Joe who will always be very willing to assist you personally at

You can frequently find Joe contributing exceptional hair care pointers and details and he is an outstanding option to provide pointers on detangling long hair considering that his own hair is long.

I understand you will discover Joe’s pointers really beneficial and they might conserve you the misery of future hair tangles. If you have extra hair detangling questions, be sure to come in and ask Jow. He would truly enjoy sharing any other concepts he has.

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